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May 31

Audio Post

Slow Hello - Minty Fresh

New release!

From the Number Line Records website:

Selena Salang, the writer and musician behind Slow Hello, wrote these two songs as opposite sides of the same situation, a failed connection. The first track, “Minty Fresh,” is a happy acceptance of what was, an appreciation of a connection in its short existence. “Cold Turkey” presents a sense of frustration; Salang describes it as “an addiction that repeats itself in cycles.” While the two tracks were written as alternate responses to disappointment, they share an infectious lo-fi pop aesthetic that recalls long drives during the first or last days of summer.

Minty Fresh/Cold Turkey was produced by Allan Lumba (Multo). Number Line Records is proud to release this first collaborative effort from two of our artists.

Stream/download both tracks via the Number Line Records website.

Or get them via Mediafire:

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